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Allowing Users to logoff themselves from all applications from citrix portal

When troubleshooting user issues in citrix portal, most of the time logoff from application and re-login resolves the issue.

To automate this we may want to allow users to logoff themselves from the published citrix web portal of the respective organization.

It can be handled well by tweaking the settings from Workspace control behavior.

When user clicks on logoff, then the default action is disconnect, which logs off the user from the portal , but their application session still exists but remain in disconnected mode. This causes still use of license , and on top of this if citrix UPM is being used for profile management , users data are not saved to remote location until session is fully terminated.

In other terms it is called graceful logoff.

To deal with this and empower user experience, change the default action of logoff action in workspace control as "Terminate".

Not only this will reduce the administrative overhead but also allow users to fix the small issue themselves.

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