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Fix audio/video issue for MS Teams published in Citrix external url

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Assuming you are able to launch successfully MS team application in Citrix published for external users. But when users are using MS team to call another users audio/video, it did not connect well or call drops.

There are two things we need to focus on .

  1. Citrix HDX Optimized status should appear when you check version details of MS team.

  2. Lets assume it is also latest version published, but still you don't see HDX optimized status and also it has been followed all the required prerequisites and installation steps.

  3. You have also figured out that when launching within the server or box where it is installed. MS Team is showing the correct version status and message as Citrix HDX optimized.

In this situation one of the root cause is : HDX routing is not enabled over citrix net-scalar gateway (Assuming net-scalar gateway is used to publish external url.)

To fix this

1) Login to one of the storefront server and open Storefront console in admin mode.

2) Right click on the respective store and click on "Configure Store settings".o

3) Below shown page would appear then , For example if Citrix gateway name is showing as "CAM Gateway", then select it and click on "Manage Delivery Controller", in next page you will see the list of Delivery controller along with check box.

Select that check checkbox , then save and close the diaglog box

4) if you have multiple storefront server in the site then propogate changes to all storefront servers.

5) Logoff and relogin to the application, now MS Team should show Citrix HDX optimized.


above solutions is tested in lab environment, to implement in production environment please do not forget to take backup of all the configurations and VM, in case if there is need to restore the original configurations.

Note: We appreciate if the post helps you or you like the post , please don't forget to leave your feedback. Your feedback or suggestion motivates us to go beyond your expectation.

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