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New Software? Here’s How to Guarantee a Successful Rollout

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

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The type of business software your company needs will be dependent upon your particular industry and whether you utilize employees in specialized areas like accounting or cyber security. In many instances, software can help augment the productivity of your staff, or in some cases, operate in place of a staff member. According to Tech Radar, some must-have software applications for small businesses include those related to project management, customer relationship management, cyber security, and inventory management. If you’re looking for ways to improve an upcoming software rollout, this guide presented by EliteExpertOpinion can help.

How to Intro Software

Even though software and technology are designed to help improve productivity and streamline business functions, there is always an adjustment period when it comes to utilizing new systems effectively. As such, it’s important to prepare your staff for the changes and build in time for getting up to speed on best practices. This might include involving employees and testing various types of software to make a determination about what would be most user-friendly in your particular environment. You can also have a transitional period where you, for example, move from a paper accounting system to an online system.

Provide Training and Resources

One of the best ways to get your staffers up to speed on new software integration is to have a trainer come in and not only help them walk through the program but allow them to do it in a hands-on fashion. For example, a good trainer will have a screen where they are demonstrating step-by-step how best to utilize various functions on a program and then allow staffers to perform the same functions on their own individual computers in the controlled environment. This can be helpful for learning not only the intricacies of the program but troubleshooting elements as well. According to Training Industry, the more users understand the value of the programs, the more likely they are to embrace their use.

Seek Feedback

It's vitally important that your staff understands the relevancy of the software and applications, particularly how it can be used to ensure they are more productive and efficient in their roles. Solicit honest, open-ended feedback, particularly with regard to user-friendliness. Also, provide ample time for staffers to learn various features. You may even start with just basic fundamentals, and once they’ve successfully been integrated into your everyday work life, you can go on to more advanced features. This will help ensure that you're getting your money’s worth from the system without overwhelming your employees with a lot of new information all at one time. If possible, use software that offers live feedback and support 24/7 so staffers always have a contact they can reach out to.

Address Roadblocks

There’s always the potential for something to go sideways when introducing new programs and processes. For example, you may have staffers who are resistant to change, or who prefer their established methods. You may also find some employees resist embracing change until they “have to,” which may mean making implementation mandatory. You could find yourself needing to upgrade your computer equipment to accommodate new software programs, in which case staffers could feel a double challenge of learning new operating systems and software at the same time. Encourage open discussion and tackle one issue at a time.

Utilizing various software programs can allow you to be more competitive as a small business owner, save you money when it comes to hiring certain high-level services, and provide your employees with a greater arsenal of tools for performing their job functions. Communicate openly about the process, solicit feedback, and factor in a learning curve to ensure everyone is comfortable with your changes.

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