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VMware Horizon Broker session timeout

Problem: End users who are connected to pci vdi are getting popup "Broker session timeout" and user getting logged off forcefully and vdi gets shutdown.


If user gets logged off forcefully and vdi is getting shutdown then it is expected behaviour of VDI created via linked clone or instant clone method.

But the behaviour of broker session timeout can be tweaked.

Below is the solution:


a) Login to the admin portal of connection broker server.

b) Navigate to Global settings and look for ''Force disconnect user timeout" to the desired minutes.

Value mentioned would be in minutes.

Default it is set to "Never", whihx has deafult waiting time of 10 hours.

c) Make sure that this change is reflecting from all the other connection servers as well.

Once it is done then go to step 2.


a)Login to the admin portal interface of getway or web interface.

Admin portal is accessible over 9443 port which can be accesible over https .

b) Look for attribute persistent timeout or similar. Value written is in mili seconds

So convert the desired time in to mili second and update the same. It should be same across all webinterface or gateway.

c) Value in step a and step b should convert to same time in hours. Then only this would work.

For example if we need to extend the broker session timeout to 12 hours. Then for step a value should be 720 min and value should be forb step b should be 43,200,000 ms.

Let us know your feedback if it is helpfull.

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